Hobo bag – vegan leather

These vegan leather bags go with anything, and we’ve loved seeing how many different women are buying this bag.  Comes with a cross-body strap and a short strap — both easily clip on or off the bag. Regular and mini sizes!

Made by Overcomers in East Asia – women of beauty and strength creating products of beauty and strength.

The indigo blue is more of a navy blue color than it looks in the photo. 

Oia bracelet – aquamarine & lava

Lava stones can be used as diffusers, traveling with you.

Created by the MiddleSea project in Greece and the Canary Islands.

Tagua dangler necklace

Tagua is a nut that falls to the rainforest floor, is sustainably harvested, dyed, cut, and dried.  As it dries, it hardens so much that it is called, “vegetable ivory.”  Light, natural, durable, beautiful.

Lava block necklace

Leather cord.  Lava stone can be used as a diffuser; rub a couple of drops of essential oil onto the stone, and its porous surface will slowly diffuse the scent over the next couple of hours.

Freshwater pearl earrings

Freshwater pearls from Hands & Hearts in the beautiful island nation of the Philippines.

Baby alpaca infinity scarves

Ask any knitter — baby alpaca yarn is incredibly soft, hypoallergenic, light, and naturally one of the warmest materials on earth.  Hand-knit with great care from one of Peru’s gifts to the world – alpaca yarn! (The dark gray infinity scarf is 12″ wide x 34″ long and a tighter weave; great for those really cold days!) 

Andean tapestry swingback purse

The women of Mujeres Jireh in Cusco, Peru, spin wool, dye it in small batches with all-natural dyes, and then weave it on a hand loom.  The recipes for the natural dyes and the patterns woven into their products share traditions that go back to Incan and pre-Incan times.  Your purchase helps them support their families and women’s ministries throughout Peru; it also helps them keep these incredible artistic traditions alive.


We are currently out of stock of the new straps. We will receive new in the new year.

Bulgaria Christmas Cards

“Joy to the World” with a glittery snow-globe… or “Peace on Earth” in deep, beautiful colors.

Kid’s alpaca-blend chullo hat

“Chullo” hats are incredibly popular and traditional Peruvian hat.  Peru is known for its alpacas, domesticated for thousands of years in the Andes mountains.  These hats are made from a very soft and naturally warm alpaca blend.

Created by women of Mujeres Jireh; your purchase helps them support their families and to support women’s ministries throughout Peru.

Arbequina, Case of Olive Oil

SEED and the Spain Free Methodist Church are partnering to bring you S’Farad Olive Oil. In one purchase of aromatic, delicious, extra virgin cold press olive oil, you support economic justice, sustainable livelihood, and new futures – and the ministry of the Spain FMC.

The Arbequina oil is dense and fluid, tasting of orchard fruits. Highly aromatic, generally buttery, fruity, and very mild in flavor. First cold-pressed and all natural; this oil is the perfect complement for dipping, drizzling, or dressing.

Order one, or save money by ordering a three-pack, or a case of bottles (24 bottles of 250ml per case, or 12 bottles of 500ml). Or for the best deal, sign up for a bottle-a-month membership in the Olive Oil Club here.

Pink Brocade Travel Set

This brocade set makes a perfect gift for the traveler in your life – includes 2 sizes of waterproof toiletry bags, expandable jewelry bags full of pockets, luggage tag and soft eye mask.