Global partnerships. Local livelihoods.

In the past month we have been excited at all the possible livelihood groups with which we might partner.  It seems that almost everyone we talk with has an idea for someone who could be a SEED Livelihood Network partner.  Just by way of example, we have recently had conversations like these:

  • a pastor talked with us about an artisan group in Cambodia for which he thinks we might sell product
  • a businesswoman talked with us: she is president of a company that manufactures plumbing parts in Michigan, and a decade ago they opened a second plant in Guangzhou, China to provide jobs for people in that area.  She’s been thinking about doing the same in Mumbai, India, and wants to see if SEED might be able to help make those connections
  • a woman talked with us about a group of women who run an orphanage in Colombia.  She bought jewelry in the local marketplace and brought it to the US to sell but was excited at the possibility that SEED might be able to work directly with the orphanage caretakers to build something sustainable in their community
  • a couple in Madrid wants to explore the possibility of SEED’s help establishing a coffeehouse and learning center
  • an International Child Care Ministries ( regional director’s eyes lit up at hearing that we want to be proactive to work with groups around the world.  She thought for a minute and then started sharing about a group in Cambodia, another in Thailand, and a third in the Philippines … and looked like she could keep going

SEED truly is a seed: most of its growth right now is below the surface, but even now shoots are starting to peek out.  Now comes the hard work of the gardener: determining where to invest our energy and financial resources.  Would you pray with us?  If so, click the Contact button and let us know who you are.  Would you financially support the work we are doing with people who have great skills and small opportunity?  Click to donate.

Regardless of how you partner with us, we are grateful for your interest in promoting sustainable livelihoods.

Global Partnerships.  Local Livelihoods.