Advisory Team

SEED’s Advisory Team is a cross-section of leaders from business, education, nonprofit, and faith communities, all with unique perspectives on sustainable development. The team comes together two to four times a year to talk through SEED’s vision, mission, core values, and how it is living those out in the work that it does.

Inaugural Advisory Team Meeting

SEED’s directors are especially grateful for this all-volunteer team because of their passion to see SEED continue growing both organically and strategically. Briefly (left to right):

  • Sherrill and David Yardy have lived in Asia half their lives and through their close work with the Free Methodist Church in Miraj, India, midwifed the birth of the Dayanand Handloom Project, which started SEED on its way.
  • Kevin Dunbar (shown in the laptop screen, Skyping in) served as a missionary to Ecuador for a number of years and as part of his work there developed a model for economic development.
  • Melinda Vokal is an executive with an international business firm whose strength is strategy development and implementation.
  • Rose Brewer is director of SEED, especially focusing on vision, promotion, and artisan livelihood groups.
  • David Brewer is Manager of Network Relations for SEED, especially focusing on business coaching and on strategic partnerships like Champions and ongoing sellers
  • Mike Reynen, Africa Missions Area Director, has more than a decade of experience in the African context and seeing economic development initiatives that have succeeded — and many that have failed.
  • Neddy Dingili, livelihood group leader for Hope Beyond Circumstance, has helped launch and shepherd numerous holistic development initiatives in Kenya.