Hosting a SEED event is an easy and incredible opportunity to help bless livelihood groups all around the world. When you help people learn about SEED, buy products from livelihood groups, or invest in SEED capital projects, you are helping holistic small businesses around the world to seed justice and grow hope in their communities!

We’ve created two partnership opportunities for hosts: an in-person event displaying SEED products and a virtual event from the comfort of your home. Find out which one will help you partner with SEED and livelihood groups around the world!


In-person events are gatherings at your home, church, or a conference where people can buy products or invest in SEED capital projects. Since we ship you actual products, there is more set-up involved and more shipping costs, but this usually results in more being re-invested in livelihood groups.

Host an in-person event


SEED now offers virtual events! These are informal, virtual gatherings where you invite your friends and family to learn about SEED and view all the different products and capital projects SEED offers. This is a fun and exciting way for people to interact with one another from the comfort of their homes.