Hosting a SEED event or trunk show is an easy and incredible opportunity to help bless livelihood groups all around the world.  When you help people buy products from livelihood groups, invest in SEED capital, and sign up for SEED’s e-news, you are helping holistic small businesses around the world to do micro-enterprise that makes sense in their communities!

We’ve created two partnership opportunities for hosts: a home-based group party (called a trunk show) and a table set-up kit for larger venues (called an event).   Find out which one will help you partner with SEED and our partnering livelihood groups around the world!


SEED “events” are larger gatherings (like at a church or conference) where people buy products or invest in SEED capital projects that day.  There is more set-up involved, more shipping costs, and usually more re-invested in livelihood groups.  Often, people set up 2-6 tables in a foyer where another gathering is happening.

Host an event


SEED trunk shows are smaller, more informal gatherings where a host invites up to 25 people to come hear about SEED, see a few videos, and maybe eat a few snacks.  SEED sends you a sampling of products, hints for the host, order forms, and an online discount code so everyone can order or invest in SEED Capital projects.