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Virtual Volunteers, Tangible Worth

Yesterday I had a conference call with people in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.  And I was sitting in my kitchen in Portland, Oregon. Our subject was the building of an online store that would serve producers in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.  Trying to match them to purchasers and donors on six […]

Human wrists bound with luggage tags

What is God’s work? And who does it?

Today I want to share just one statistic and one startling thought with you. Here’s the statistic: 88 percent of the human trafficking done today is for labor purposes.  Though it’s not as sexy (pun intended) to talk about as sex trafficking, kidnapping, abducting, or selling people — especially children — for the purpose of […]


Thinking Christmas thoughts

We’re thinking Christmas thoughts at SEED this week.  Now, don’t tune us out, thinking we’re like other merchants who already have their Christmas displays up before Halloween even hits. Because our business model is built on personal relationships, we have to think further ahead than some other organizations.  This occurs on both the vendor and […]


From Wall Street to Unnamed Streets

Hasn’t it been fascinating to follow the recent Occupy Wall Street and other protests in the United States?  What a remarkable demonstration of an engaged, informed people entering into the democratic political process.  Inspiring at its core, whether you agree with their viewpoint or not. At SEED Livelihood Network it has made us think about […]


The Onion, Fair Wages, and Sustainability

You may or may not be a fan of The Onion — an online and now onscreen satire of the news.  Sometimes they are irreverent, sometimes they are wry or ironic … but they are always thought-provoking. Recently the site ran an article on the way large organizations have gotten into the habit of ignoring […]