Champion Crew

Barb Web

Barb Heintzman, New York, Support and Sales

Chicago WEB

Cathy DeVries, Illinois, Sales

Debbie Thompson_NicoleWEb

Debbie Thompson, Michigan, Sales

It was Freedom Sunday, February 2015, that I told my pastor I would like to host a SEED event at our church.  It was one tangible way I could do something to make a difference in lives.  That event opened up doors to more events, and soon I was a Champion!  By representing SEED at churches, conferences, and other events, many are able to give financial support to artisan groups as they purchase quality products.  As a result, what a blessing it is to know that families are able to provide for their children, pastors in training are having needs met, churches are being planted, and communities are being impacted for Christ!

My husband, Jim, and daughter, Stephanie, also travel to most events with me.  It has been a great endeavor to serve in this way together.  We’ve met so many wonderful people!  I also have a young adult son, Michael, and a furry friend named Chase.

Heidi WEB

Heidi Payot, Ohio, Sales

Ron Web

Ron White, Michigan, Share

Jen Web
Jen Thor, Washington, Support.

I met SEED a few years ago when David and Rose gave a presentation at our church.  With my social work, international development, and Free Methodist church background, I was so excited to partner with SEED!  What they are doing is in line with everything my family has learned and experienced about effective development work.  My SEED cheering section includes my husband, Seng, and our three kids: David, Bryson and Alexis.

Katrina WEb

Katrina Wilkins, New York, Support

My initial exposure to SEED was a product table at a ladies tea at church. What immediately caught my attention was the quality ~ not necessarily a given when looking at products made by people being supported by “missions work”.

As I have followed and supported SEED, I’ve been further impressed by the commitment to dignity for all people and the desire that livelihood groups become self-sustaining.

I currently live in western New York with my husband, Bob, and children, Esther and Ben.

Tonya2 WEb

Tanya Rosado, Florida, Support and Share

I live with my husband Rodrigo in Tampa, FL.  SEED first caught my attention when I realized that, more than just selling artisanal products, SEED was trying to bring holistic development and empowerment to those who had been denied it.  I am passionate about justice and making sure that everyone has a chance to live their life to the fullest as God intended. Helping SEED lets me be a small part of this!