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death and resurrection of a visionA friend of mine recently shared a devotional based on Jesus’ teaching about how a grain of wheat must fall to the ground and die before it could produce anything. Of course, we have fairly recently finished the Easter season and so we are thinking about death and resurrection anyway. But this has us thinking about all the dreams that have died for people around the world.

Biblically, we read about Abraham’s dream (given by God) to be the father of many nations … and how that dream died when Sarah was barren, and then when Hagar and Ishmael got sent away.

We read about Joseph, given the dream of his parents and brothers bowing down … and how that dream died when he was sold into slavery, and again when he was thrown into prison.

We read about David, anointed the king of Israel … and how that dream died when Saul chased him (and chased him) into exile with Israel’s enemies.

And we read about the disciples, called to follow the Messiah and change the world with him … and how that dream died when Jesus went to the cross.

Of course we know how all these stories ended: the dream died, but it didn’t end there. We worship the God of the resurrection, after all. But without going through the death of the dream, without holding on even through that death, the 30, 60, and 100-fold production of the grain of wheat would not have happened. Maybe this is part of what David means by saying “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.”

We know the same thing happens today, every day. Dreams die. Maybe you have had some dreams die; I know we have. But do you stop there, or do you hold on, looking for the resurrection?

I guess you could say we are in the dream resurrection business. It’s what we live for: to connect with groups of people across the globe who may think that their dreams have died, and to partner with them on the resurrection of those dreams. It’s their dream, and it’s God who resurrects. (For a recent example, read about the Faraja Widows, whose workshop burned to the ground in November … and who now have a new building and equipment!) What a wonder that He allows us to be a part of the resurrection process. Won’t you join us – for your sake as well as theirs?