Email List Descriptions

About new products & sales!

Do you love the artisan goods that SEED sells? If so, join this email list for updates about new products and the artisans that make them, as well as to receive coupons or sale notifications.

Being a Financial Supporter

An excellent way to partner with SEED and livelihood groups around the world is through a financial contribution.  Join this email list if you are interested in investing monthly, annually or on a one-time basis, or read more about areas of need.

Being a Prayer Supporter

Praying for SEED and its livelihood group partners is a vital piece to meaningful kingdom work.  If you want to receive prayer requests and updates, please join this list.

Being a SEED Champion

SEED is recruiting volunteers who would be willing to help SEED through Sharing, being Social, Selling, or Supporting. Interested? Join this list, and visit the Champion SEED page to contact us directly.

General Interest

For general news, videos and updates about what SEED, join the general interest list.

Hosting a SEED Trunk Show

SEED trunk shows are small, informal gatherings where a host invites up to 30 people to come hear about SEED, view artisan products in person, watch a few videos, and gather in someone’s home or community space. To host a Trunk Show, join this email list, or contact us to Host a SEED Trunk Show.

Hosting an event table

To learn about events where SEED will be present, and any upcoming needs for event table hosts/hostesses around the country, join this email list. To sign up to host an event, visit here.


Thank you for your partnership with SEED to support local Livelihoods around the world!