Global partnerships. Local livelihoods.

Hopefully you’ve already seen our first-ever Christmas catalog!   Don’t procrastinate!  If you place your order now, you (or your loved one) still has a good chance of receiving it in time for Christmas.

We are very grateful to partner with International Child Care Ministries (ICCM, to create a catalog that gives YOU many opportunities to partner in creating better lives for others.

The catalog, Better Giving, shows the work ICCM and SEED are doing around the world. Instead of buying a sweater for someone, donate a water filter. Instead of buying the newest electronic gadget, plant trees that will restore the ecosystem for a community. Instead of giving another batch of fudge or Christmas cookies, you can help provide for a woman’s sewing training in Ethiopia or India.

If you (or your loved ones) have your heart set on a tangible gift, buy a gift where you know the money actually goes to livelihood groups making a difference in their community!  Consider an eco lunch bag, an iPad cover, a paper bead necklace, or a handmade nativity set from Cambodia.

If you want to look through the catalog in greater detail, click here to browse online.

This year, don’t just give. Give better!  And give soon!

(We recommend getting your orders in now (or at the latest by this Thursday, Dec. 13) in hopes of an on-time delivery for Christmas.)