SEED Capital Projects

Making handicrafts isn’t for everyone.

SEED recognizes that micro-enterprise cannot always mean making jewelry, bags, or other handicrafts that will sell in the US.  People have different skills, and communities need different products and services.  Your investment in these SEED Capital efforts promotes livelihood for more than one individual or family; we work with groups to see greater community transformation.

SEED Development Fund

SEED often receives requests from groups for capital investment or training related to their business: equipment, initial animals, office or retail space. Your donation helps meet those needs without frequent special appeals.


Sewing Machines — India — NOW FUNDED!

In 2016, you helped us partner with the Free Methodist Church in India, Agape Conference, to provide sewing training for almost 20 women.  The Agape Conference has an incredibly successful sewing training school (among other job training programs), helping equip women to earn a sustainable livelihood that makes sense in their communities.  You funded a whole class of women!  Out of those graduates, four women were able to acquire sewing machines and therefore their own seamstress/tailoring businesses.  The Agape Conference asked if we would fund sewing machines for the other 15 women so they didn’t have to work in sewing factories that are less than ideal. (See here for more background.)

So… we asked you to help by giving $2/day during Lent.  (One church unexpectedly donated so much that we’re holding their funds for another sewing-related SEED Capital project that is almost ready to be funded.)  You did it!  You provided funding for those 15 women’s sewing machines, and even some extra for the *next* class to go through Agape’s training school.  

These sewing machines last forever.  To be overly conservative, let’s say each one lasts 20 years.  This Lent, you partnered with us and the Agape Conference to donate more than 15 machines.  That’s at least 300 years of fair, sustainable livelihood that makes sense for those women in their communities!


Your investment promotes economic justice, sustainable livelihood, and new futures for holistic livelihood groups around the world. All gifts are tax deductible to the extent that US laws allow; SEED is a 501(c)3 organization through FMC-USA.