Colombia – SEALH Cleaning

In Bogotá, like most major cities, there are many people needing employment — and many people and businesses needing services provided. The Bogotá Free Methodist Church launched a cleaning company business which will allow several families in the church to generate sustainable livelihood — with a plan to grow and expand!

Herlinda, a woman in the church, has expertise in this type of work and has taken the lead in organizing and running the business. It is a project of the whole church, though. Pastor Libni Gasca writes, “People from our church as business administrators, publicists, graphic designers, and accountants offered their time and knowledge in the structuring of the project.  None of us charged for this, but on the contrary, we have put at the disposal of Herlinda all the equipment, human resources and administrators. And, it is our plan to continue doing this until the company becomes self-supporting.”

These in-kind and service contributions are a significant investment by the church and its people, and SEED is proud to have assisted in some small way with the business plan creation and with raising startup capital for the initial equipment purchases to launch the business.

This SEED Capital effort also followed our recommended practice of having 5% of the funds generated go into a community fund to invest in the development of new business projects or in hiring new personnel. In this case, the group was far ahead of us: they already had a plan to expand across Bogotá and all of Colombia with new cleaning businesses!