Costa Rica – Vida Raiz

Sustainable livelihood is not just about immediate jobs: it’s also about holistic health for families and communities. That’s one of the reasons SEED partnered with Vida Raíz to build organic family and community gardens in Esterillos, a small fishing village in Costa Rica.

ThrouCostaRica photogh partnership with Pura Vida Church, the Costa Rican Free Methodist Church invested in educational classes, the use of recycled materials, and the building of raised beds. For $200, families were helped to set up raised beds, including construction supplies, soil, seedlings and composting manure. Two of these raised beds are enough to feed a family of four on an ongoing basis. Local markets and restaurants inquired about purchasing produce from these gardens before the first ground was prepared, so families are doing this with their individual gardens and putting together community gardens (for a total cost of $1000 each) to share life and income together. SEED is grateful for a forward-thinking church planning for income, health, and community.

Missionary Dennis Léon reports that not only are families getting nutrition and some income, and two individuals having full-time employ at the community gardens, but Pura Vida Church has noticed a big difference in the spirit of the community, where some people who felt aimless before now have a sense of purpose. Holistic transformation!