India – Sewing training

In many developing countries, the ability to sew is a sustainable lifeline. Many women, especially, can get jobs in garment factories — in many cases paying respectable wages — or open their own small storefront tailoring or seamstress shops.

The Indian Free Methodist Church does tremendous social ministries work, running a variety of ministries including schools, job training, and small business groups like COUNT, AIM, and the Dayanand Hand Loom Project.

SEED was honored to partner with the Indian FMC to raise funds for 20 women to be trained in sewing.  While some women were able to find local jobs, some were able to purchase their own sewing machines and are doing much better – financially and in other ways.  The other 15 women would benefit tremendously from having their own sewing machines, so SEED has committed to helping raise funds for these, at $150 per machine.

When you donate for SEED Capital, 100% of your donation goes to the livelihood group.  To partner financially with this group, click here.