Peru – Mujeres Jireh

The Mujeres Jireh are “women for whom God provides.”  They are a network of women in churches throughout Peru, making handicrafts like earrings, alpaca scarves, and hand-dyed woven purses.

Women in Tarma, Peru, who are often single heads of families, struggle to support their families.  Though these women have the skill to make lovely knitted alpaca products, the Tarma area offers few opportunities to market those items.  After all, to get to Tarma, you ride a bus on single-lane roads over 15,000-foot mountain passes.

Women in Cusco, Peru, keep tradition alive by hand-dying wool with all-natural dyes.  They weave intricate patterns, also handed down through generations, on a hand-loom.  The result is beautiful handicrafts embodying incredible tradition.

By purchasing their products, you can come alongside these women, affirming their abilities and helping them earn a fair livelihood.

Watch this video from a few years ago about the Peruvian micro-enterprise initiative that eventually led to the development of Mujeres Jireh.