Philippines – Ahon Community Care

Philippines — Ahon Community Care

Just creating a business wasn’t enough for Pastora Tessie Chua and the Philippines’ Conference Social Ministries team: they wanted to transform a community. And through partnership with International Childcare Ministries (ICCM), SEED, and others, they are doing it.

What started as a virtually empty plot of land has turned into a place where there is an emergency shelter for women and children, an abandoned boys’ home, a home for retired pastors, and a home for abandoned girls. The children are all sponsored through ICCM, and SEED helped raise funds for the pigs, goats, chickens, and construction costs on the buildings.

The group is harvesting and selling the mangos that grow on the trees on the property, as well as training the children how to care for the animals that are being raised to provide food and income. Recently, Pastora Tessie shared that the sale of pigs covers the cost of rice for the center’s residents.