Uruguay – Polleria

UPDATE: Pastors Seba and Vane and missionary Andrea Green are doing some additional evaluation of the business model for this project. You are still able to donate toward this work, or for Lent you can contribute to SEED’s $2-a-Day campaign here, or to support Uruguay here or the Greens here.

Mission District Leader Ricardo Guerrero and the Uruguay mission district are developing a strategy to rapidly expand across the country using Community Church Planting. Since this will likely result in people leaving their jobs to plant churches, the FMC is looking for ways to help provide startup income for these upcoming church planters.

In Durazno, a pastoral couple will open a polleria — a small chicken food cart-type restaurant — both as a way to generate income and as a way to build relationships with people in the community. It will cost the group $7,000 total for storefront rent, cooking and refrigeration equipment, permits and a minor remodel. The Argentina FMC has already committed to helping with the polleria design and remodel.