Global partnerships. Local livelihoods.

The SEED Livelihood Network team is lean and volunteer-driven.  We’re proud of that fact: it means that there are many people who are passionate enough about the livelihood cause that they donate their time and energy.  In future blog posts, we’ll be highlighting some of the volunteers who are making the work go.  For now, we’d like you to meet the staff team.

The SEED staff team at General Conference in Rochester, NY, in July 2011.

Jane Perry (right) is our office manager, working at the main office in Indianapolis.  She manages the books and the event calendar, receives, processes, and ships our inventory, and coordinates the volunteers who work with product at that location.  She’s a dynamo!

Rose Brewer (left) is one co-director.  With a background in social work and administration, and as an ordained pastor, Rose’s combination of gifts and experiences is serving her well at SEED.  She has already worked with Jane to improve our product processes, from inventory to display to payments.  She has also begun working with the livelihood groups to make sure we are supporting them in the best way.  Look for more news on that soon, as it has positive implications for the SEED products you love!

David Brewer (center) is the other co-director.  He has a background in project management and business and personal development.  He has been taking the lead on building the web site (and soon-to-come online store) as well as organizational administration such as finance and HR.  He is also building a Business Partner program, to link resources with livelihood groups who need resources.  This will enable SEED to effectively come alongside more and more diverse groups in positive ways.