Global partnerships. Local livelihoods.

Now that our online store is open (yay!) once in a while our blog posts will highlight a specific new product. This gets at the heart of SEED’s focus on empowerment through economic development, which is something beyond a charitable donation.

This Cambodian nativity is available for purchase at a SEED event or in our online store.

This Christmas we are happy to present to you a nativity made by the artisans of Reaksmei Products in Cambodia.  It’s cleverly and lovingly made, compact — actually coming in its own stable (better known as a straw box) — and suitable for grown-ups and kids. You can even get 10% off by entering “Nativity” in the Coupon section at check-out!

Joseph, Mary and Jesus are soft toys, allowing kids to get their hands on the God who took on flesh.  For parents worried that their kids will break the nativity made out of porcelain, wood, or other breakable materials, this could be a key addition to the family Christmas supply.

The set is also beautiful to look at and can be a prompt for reflection on the holy family and that first Christmas when they really were alone.  Sometimes we can forget, looking at packed manger scenes that include shepherds, wise men, the little drummer boy, and Santa Claus, that Joseph and Mary were refused lodging with any other humans that night in Bethlehem.  As most of us surround ourselves with the warm glow of family, friends, fellowship, and food this holiday season, we can recall that Jesus’ biological family didn’t have that same experience.

Further, we can reflect on the fact that in many places in the world, followers of Jesus are kicked out of their families and lose their friends. In other places, people live in “homes” no better than — and often even worse than — that original stable or cave.  And in other places, like Cambodia, people can be shunted to the side not because of anything they’ve done but because of who they are: poor, a woman (God forbid a pregnant single woman like Mary!), disabled.

Your purchase brings light not just to your own household, but to the household of families in Cambodia as well.  And did you know Reaksmei means “Light”?  Let the light of the world shine this Christmas.