Global partnerships. Local livelihoods.

We know many of you are ardent SEED fans, fans of economic development and providing opportunity for gifted people to be able to support themselves.  And we know that many places we go, people ask us about T-shirts so they can invest in SEED and advertise the work we do.

As you can see by the picture attached to this post, we now have tees!  Several things we want to point out about our new tees:

  1. They’re really cool.  Our graphic designer Nicole has outdone herself with these image-based shirts.  And they come in cool colors (orange and blue (on order)) and more basic colors (black and grey (on order)).  Buy at the store here.
  2. Nicole has also been helping us flesh out what it is that we do in graphic form, and the simple images on this shirt do just that.  The planting of a seed — your partnership! — grows until, fully formed, it creates a tree of livelihood. (Hmm, reminiscent of the mustard seed parable, isn’t it?)
  3. The shirts themselves emphasize our core values as an organization.  We could have gone for cheap shirts and printing.  We could have gone “local” to our own community. Instead, we opted to go with FutureShirts, the tee shirt partner of Not For Sale.  These shirts were made by women rescued from human trafficking in Cambodia, now given income by our purchase (and yours), and more than income: hope, peace, joy, and love!  (Now where have we heard that before?)

We’re excited at this foray into promoting the work we all do together.  Especially at Christmas, it’s great to remind ourselves — and others, when we wear the shirts — that one’s life does not consist in the abundance of one’s possessions, and that God desires basic sustenance for all.