Asha messenger bags


A strong and comfortable cross-body messenger bag, woven on hand looms. Washable, lasting for years, and carrying more than their weight in gold.

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The weavers in the Dayanand Hand Loom Group in Miraj, India, weave beautiful color combinations into a durable, strong, light, easy-to-carry bag.

These bags are lovingly created by weavers in the Miraj Free Methodist church near Mumbai, India, as part of the Dayanand Hand Loom Group.  Before learning how to weave, many of the people in this group had to beg.  Even though they have been cured of Hansen’s Disease for years, they still have external and internal damage from the disease.  When you purchase these bags, you help the weavers support themselves and their families.

Dayanand Hand Loom Group is caring for people in the last generation of people afflicted with Hansen’s Disease (what used to be called leprosy — it’s almost eradicated).  They are also preserving this ancient art of weaving on hand looms.  See a video of the weavers here.

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 14.5 × 15.5 in

Black & forest green, Denim blue & lime

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