Lanyard (or eyeglass) holder


These lanyard holders hold your conference name tag… or your eyeglasses!  (Metal clips have a protective rubber lining.)

Call us at 800-345-5531 ext 249 to inquire about purchasing lanyards at a significant bulk discount for your upcoming conference.

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These lanyards say more than the name of your company.  They say up-cycled, artsy, fair trade…!

These can be used as a lanyard name badge holder… or, because they have silver clips with a rubber lining, you can use them as a great eyeglass chain!

Believe it or not, these beads really are made of upcycled posters.  Yet another example of SEED’s partner groups turning what was regarded as nothing, and turning it into something beautiful, durable and lasting.  Each paper bead item is a unique blend of the paper, how it is cut, and how the beads are combined together.  Each is one of a kind.  There are, however, basic color spectrums, and we can relatively closely match your request.  Please specify color in the “Notes” section of your order form.

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