“Pendo: God Loves Africa” (book)


The author of “Pendo: God Loves Africa” is Martha Kirkpatrick, aka “St. Martha,” the namesake of St. Martha’s Ministry (the umbrella ministry of Faraja Widows).  Why “St. Martha”?  Read below!

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Why are we selling a book?  It’s not even about fair trade. 🙂  It is, however, the story of Martha Kirkpatrick, her family, and her love for Africa.  Martha loved Eunice & Caleb Otieno back to spiritual and emotional health in the midst of the darkest time of their lives.  The Otienos say, “Reverend Martha was a lady who was full of kindness and compassion for African women and children. She was a pillar of strength to our family at a time of our greatest need of love.”

Together, the Otienos and Martha started the Faraja Widows project empowering widows who are affected by HIV/AIDS as one part of an overall ministry named St. Martha’a Ministry.

(The book does not include that story, but you can hear parts of it here.)  This ministry receives its major source of funding from the sale of bags and African jewelry made out of domestic animal bones.

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