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Small business ministries that make sense aren't always jewelry, bags or other handicrafts.  The SEED Capital fund exists to provide startup capital to those with a solid business plan (we can help with that) and a need for short-term funding (you help with that!).


At SEED, we recognize two truths about people with economic challenges who want to start businesses around the world. First, there is a tremendous need for startup capital for people who have both passion and a solid business plan. And second, people with financial resources don’t like being asked for money over and over again. In an effort to address both sides of the equation, the SEED Development Fund exists as a sort of venture capital or endowment fund. Last year, this fund was able to help families in the Philippines open a siomai food cart (see Lourdes in Manila above) and a small grocery store. NOTE: this donation is tax-deductible.

To give an amount that’s not a multiple of $25, please contact us directly.

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