Sewing for India


A tax-deductible donation to assist women in India to receive training in sewing and their own machines, enabling self-sustaining income.



The Agape Conference in India runs a variety of highly-respected ministries to men, women and children, including schools, and job training. One of the surest ways for people to generate self-sustaining income in their communities is to learn how to sew. Bishop John Gollapalli recently wrote, “20 ladies joined the training and 19 of them successfully completed. They are excited and already started their sewing business. Four of them purchased machines and set up their own shops; the others are too poor to buy and are working for others for little income comparing to those who own a machine.” Your donation here will provide funds for these women to purchase their own sewing machines. NOTE: this is a tax-deductible donation.

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$1500 (ten machines), $300 (two machines, $150 (one machine), $80 ($2 a day for Lent), $50 (share of a machine), $25 (share of a machine)

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