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Welcome to Community, Part 2

A different aspect of community came to light during my time in Cebu, the Philippines. Pastor Allan and Pastora Naomi Prochina have led the Light & Life Christian Fellowship for several years, and just in the past six months have also been leading services at an outreach church in a different part of Cebu. The […]


Welcome to Community, Part 1

One aspect of the recent SEED Asia trip that stood out repeatedly was the sense of being welcomed into the community. The reception went beyond gracious and was more warm and family-feeling. It made me think deeply about the idea of partnership. Sometimes I think we can make the mistake of thinking that we are partnering […]


Living like a livelihood group member

The year 2011 was an adventure for us (directors David and Rose Brewer). As you may know, we have been raising support to direct SEED. (Note: this is not an appeal for financial supporters.) Formerly, I (David) made a very good salary in corporate America. In 2011 our income dropped by more than half, and […]