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Known by the Bag

When Rose was last in Miraj, India visiting the Dayanand Handloom Project, she met this gentleman, who told a fascinating story about the bag he carries. The bag was made by the Dayanand group, known as a group of people who have been healed from Hansen’s Disease (formerly known as leprosy). Miraj is in the […]


What I’m Meant to Do

In my last blog post I wrote a very brief amount on the theology of development work. Now I think it’s important to explain briefly how it is that I (David) in particular came to be doing this work through SEED Livelihood Network. There are three specific elements I want to discuss: faith, justice, and […]

Human wrists bound with luggage tags

What is God’s work? And who does it?

Today I want to share just one statistic and one startling thought with you. Here’s the statistic: 88 percent of the human trafficking done today is for labor purposes.  Though it’s not as sexy (pun intended) to talk about as sex trafficking, kidnapping, abducting, or selling people — especially children — for the purpose of […]