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Hermana Gloria and Cultural Tradition

Sometime last year, Hermana Gloria Sucilli (shown at left) of the Mujeres Jireh livelihood group calculated prices.  She sent word that she (and therefore SEED) could decrease the cost of the handwoven cloth & leather bags if we didn’t use natural dyes.  The decrease would be nice, but we thought it would be better to […]


Living like a livelihood group member

The year 2011 was an adventure for us (directors David and Rose Brewer). As you may know, we have been raising support to direct SEED. (Note: this is not an appeal for financial supporters.) Formerly, I (David) made a very good salary in corporate America. In 2011 our income dropped by more than half, and […]


From Wall Street to Unnamed Streets

Hasn’t it been fascinating to follow the recent Occupy Wall Street and other protests in the United States?  What a remarkable demonstration of an engaged, informed people entering into the democratic political process.  Inspiring at its core, whether you agree with their viewpoint or not. At SEED Livelihood Network it has made us think about […]