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Putting Your Heart into It

I (David) just returned from two weeks at the Global Studies Intensive in Thailand and Myanmar. I’ll have lots of stories and reflections to share from that time, in addition to sharing from our year-end 2013 results. But for a while I’ve been wanting to write about a conversation I had with a college student […]


Welfare and Empowerment

In 2002, I (David) graduated with my Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA). I had already worked in government, nonprofit, and corporate America for 10 years and now, armed with an MBA, I was ready to conquer the world, climb the corporate ladder, and make a difference. Only problem was, in the fall of 2001, […]


What I’m Meant to Do

In my last blog post I wrote a very brief amount on the theology of development work. Now I think it’s important to explain briefly how it is that I (David) in particular came to be doing this work through SEED Livelihood Network. There are three specific elements I want to discuss: faith, justice, and […]