Global partnerships. Local livelihoods.

Some of you may have wondered what it would be like to host a SEED table at an event. Is it a lot of work? What if people ask questions I don’t know the answers to? Will some people be offended that I’m selling products, especially if the event is at a church? I don’t feel like I know enough to host a table.

One of our SEED Champions is Sandy Bracken, who attends Countryside Free Methodist Church in Sandusky, Michigan. Earlier this spring Sandy hosted a table for SEED at her church’s Global Impact Celebration. I asked her to jot down some thoughts on her experience. Here is what she had to say:

“We certainly had an awesome weekend! … Everybody at Countryside was thanking me for bringing SEED into the picture. I was so eager to share the video and a little more in the Ladies Brunch … We showed the video online of what SEED was all about where you and Rose appeared. It was a good overview. Then, I had a few minutes to share what SEED meant and how can we help our sisters and brothers from the livelihood groups. I played the SEED videos about the different [artisans] on my laptop at the sales table for people to listen and to learn more. They are priceless!

“I [include] some photos of some of the girls that bought some of the African skirts and wore them to church on Sunday morning. They looked so pretty! I called them my SEED models! Also, I have couple of grandmas that proudly wore their SEED earrings for the after-church lunch on Sunday! They loved it when I took pictures! You know how some girls are….they love photos! I told the ladies at the brunch how I felt the first time I bought my first SEED earrings at the family camp in Covenant Hills camp, well I was so proud to wear my earrings for I knew I was helping a livelihood-group in Africa, a special home or family to become self-sufficient.

“I will be sending two boxes [back] tomorrow through UPS and I will be mailing the check of the sales … I am proud to present to you $1,041.50 on 2.5 days sales… God is bringing showers of blessing on the livelihood groups. Praise God! Everything done in His Glory and in His name. We are thanking the Lord and praising Him for his blessing to SEED.

“So, my friends of SEED, I am so grateful for the great fun, many great memories you have given me through SEED.”

I love how Sandy finds joy in hearing and sharing the stories of the livelihood groups and how she enters into conversation — not just sales, but building relationship — with the people who approach the SEED table she is hosting. Last summer Sandy, whose family owns a farm and was going to have a table in the local farmers market, also had a SEED table at the market. It was a great way to expose the community to the wider world and to economic justice, sustainable livelihood, and creating new futures for people around the world.

Thanks again, Sandy! We are deeply grateful for your partnership.