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We regret to inform you that SEED has closed as of May 31, 2022. For more details, see our FAQ list below.


We encourage you to continue supporting micro-enterprise that makes sense by supporting


What about Wunders? How can I support Wunders?

Wunders will continue! We launched Wunders Global to help girls stay in school, create jobs for women sewing reusable menstrual supplies, and help everyone know that we are all created in the image of God. We piloted the program starting with Wunders Kenya in 2021, and Wunders will expand in other countries.

The Wunders program will continue with our friends and colleagues in the Set Free Movement and International Child Care Ministries, with oversight from Free Methodist World Missions. We encourage you to take all the love and support you have for SEED, and transfer it to Wunders! Connect with Wunders now at


What about the livelihood groups?

We wish we could say this won’t impact our livelihood groups, but it will impact our artisan group partners. We are working hard through May 2022 to try to mitigate the effect that losing SEED’s market will have on some groups. We’re glad for our long-standing insistence that artisan groups must seek out other markets to ensure their own sustainability. We’re also glad for the work we’ve done helping groups do more asset-based community development… which led most groups to realize that there are small business ministries that made more sense for them (like food carts or selling organic produce to restaurants).

The sourcing work SEED began, connecting companies with a livelihood group, will continue through Rachel, who helped SEED with product development for 10 years. For orders of 1000 or more, see


What about the 29 SEED Capital projects?

Over SEED’s 20 years, we helped churches launch or grow 29 locally-based micro-enterprises. Almost all of those business ministries are still functioning, and most of them paid it forward, helping other groups start or grow.


What milestones did we celebrate?

God is good, and we see the Spirit at work in the seeds we planted for the last 20 years.

  • 26+ small business ministries that bless their communities
  • 800+ events
  • 350+ products developed with artisan groups 
  • 5000+ customers
  • 900+ donors who helped seed justice and grow hope!


Who do we want to thank?

Special thanks to our: 

  • Livelihood group partners and their leaders who have taught us so much, and with whom we have been honored to partner.
  • Volunteers who faithfully came each week pre-pandemic
  • SEED Champions sharing in churches
  • SEED founders and directors, David & Sherrill Yardy, Vickie Reynen, Sylvia Brown, Rose & David Brewer
  • The SEED team, especially Nicole who helped communicate and connect people with SEED’s work… Rachel who designed products and brought them to a whole different level… SEED’s operations managers Brian & then Erin who helped make it all happen.
  • Everyone who donated, bought, and supported SEED — you have helped seed justice and grow hope!


Where can I donate that has an impact similar to SEED?

We know that many of you have loved SEED because it was a vessel through which you could help marginalized women or refugees or people who are disabled. Here are groups we recommend who seed justice, grow hope, and bring transformation through holistic community economic development:


Priority #1:  WUNDERS
Help girls stay in school, create jobs making sustainable menstrual supplies, and teach girls and boys and women and men that we are all created in the image of God through


Other holistic ministries:

Help people come together to save money and loan to each other, changing lives and sharing hope with Tumaini Women Kenya, a savings & loan ministry.