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Sewing for India

The Agape Conference in India runs a variety of highly-respected ministries to men, women and children, including schools, and job training. One of the surest ways for people to generate self-sustaining income in their communities is to learn how to sew. Bishop John Gollapalli recently wrote, “20 ladies joined the training and 19 of them successfully completed. They are excited and already started their sewing business. Four of them purchased machines and set up their own shops; the others are too poor to buy and are working for others for little income comparing to those who own a machine.” Your donation here will provide funds for these women to purchase their own sewing machines. NOTE: this is a tax-deductible donation.

Pollería in Uruguay

Uruguay can be a challenging place to plant or pastor a church, and it also has some economic difficulties. Durazno is one of the largest cities in Uruguay and has both of these challenges. The FMC is looking at a way to address both issues in one initiative.

The plan is to use Community Church Planting to rapidly plant churches in new neighborhoods in the cities, as well as in the rest of the country. To do this, the church is looking at establishing a model that will allow new church planters to rapidly open a business that provides both income and a way to meet and build relationship with people.

The pilot for this model is a pollería — a storefront food-cart type restaurant with fairly low overhead. A pastoral couple in Durazno will operate the first one, after receiving start-up help from the Argentina FMC. Part of the proceeds will support the pastoral family and another family in the church, and part will be set into a fund to be used for the next church plant/pollería.

Donate to SEED Travel

SEED exists to partner with and serve livelihood groups.  We can do some of that through email and Skype, but our most effective times are when we are able to work with a group in person.  Face to face, we get to know groups well, asking the best questions to help them develop their small business ministry. In person, we can develop business plans and products much more quickly and efficiently.

Will you help us cover the cost of traveling to work directly with livelihood groups?  Be assured; we stretch your travel donations as far as they can be stretched while maximizing our time with groups.  Please donate to help us do our most effective best work!

SEED Development Fund

At SEED, we recognize two truths about people with economic challenges who want to start businesses around the world. First, there is a tremendous need for startup capital for people who have both passion and a solid business plan. And second, people with financial resources don’t like being asked for money over and over again. In an effort to address both sides of the equation, the SEED Development Fund exists as a sort of venture capital or endowment fund. Last year, this fund was able to help families in the Philippines open a siomai food cart (see Lourdes in Manila above) and a small grocery store. NOTE: this donation is tax-deductible.

To give an amount that’s not a multiple of $25, please contact us directly.

Support SEED’s team – including communications & marketing

Donate to empower small business ministries that make sense for their communities around the world. All donations are tax-deductible.

If you can’t donate right now, but can commit to it for 2017, let us know at 

Thank you for helping our SEED team do micro-enterprise ministry that makes sense for everyone!

SEED Gift Certificate

Can’t quite decide what your friend, family member, or co-worker would like most from the SEED store? You could just buy one of everything! Or, alternatively, purchase a handy gift certificate that the recipient can use for an online purchase.

SEED Gift Cards

Trunk Show Kit

Host a SEED trunk show!  It’s a fun, easy and effective way to partner with SEED and livelihood groups around the world.

Simply sign up for a trunk show here; that will give us all the information we need to send you everything for your trunk show.  Then come back here and “purchase” this trunk show kit.


What’s in my trunk show kit?  

Your trunk show kit will have hints for a successful show, order forms, catalogs, and a DVD.  The DVD has videos to help you share about SEED and our partner livelihood groups, including groups that do not make products but do other micro-enterprises that makes sense… like sewing training, literacy classes, raising pigs, or starting food carts and other local businesses.

One week before your party, you will receive a “trunk” with all kinds of wonderful products from the livelihood groups with whom SEED is honored to partner.  (Okay, so it’s actually a very nice cardboard box, but we’ll pretend it’s a trunk.)

How much is the trunk show kit?

It’s a $10 deposit that will be credited toward your order.

Why do you ask for a deposit?

Because we are entrusting you with incredible products from livelihood groups we love.  In return, you are entrusting us with your credit card information and agreeing to two very important things.  The first is to return any unsold products and collected payments by the requested date.  The second is agreeing to compensate (through your credit card) for any unreturned products.

What am I agreeing to?  

By putting down a $10 deposit with your credit card, you are agreeing to let us charge your credit card if you don’t return all payments and unsold products.