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Tagua chifle earrings – emerald

Tagua is a nut that grows in the rainforest.  It falls to the ground and hardens so completely that it’s referred to as “vegetable ivory.”  Carved and dyed into vibrant hues, it is a stunning and sustainable source for stunning jewelry.

Double swirl metal earrings

These fun metal earrings are from the Faraja Widows in Nairobi, Kenya. They dangle just right and look great with just about any outfit.

Amber Triangle Earrings

Earrings designed & created by Laura, one of the Mujeres Jireh in Peru.  Your purchase helps her support her family and helps fund women’s ministry throughout Peru.

Tagua dangler earrings

Tagua is a nut that falls to the rainforest floor.  It is carved and hardens so much it is called “vegetable ivory.”  Sustainable.  Beautiful.

Kenyan bone earrings – brown circles

You’ll get tons of compliments, and lots of interest, when you wear these striking earrings. Made from domestic animal bone by the Faraja Widows of Nairobi, Kenya.

Oia bracelet – aquamarine & lava

Lava stones can be used as diffusers, traveling with you.

Created by the MiddleSea project in Greece and the Canary Islands.

Rose quartz glass bead earrings

Handcrafted by the women of Hands & Hearts in the Philippines.

Rose quartz crochet swirl earrings

Crocheted by the women of Hands & Hearts in the Philippines.

Freshwater pearl earrings

Freshwater pearls from Hands & Hearts in the beautiful island nation of the Philippines.

Bulgaria Christmas Cards

“Joy to the World” with a glittery snow-globe… or “Peace on Earth” in deep, beautiful colors.

Kameni necklace – aquamarine & lava

Lava stone and semi-precious aquamarine pearl along with aquamarine crystals from Canary Islands, Spain.